Pre-Period Box

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A box filled with everything your pre-teen/teen needs prior to starting their period.  Trust me,  it is what they are hoping for.  


1.  Different Pads to Sample,  tampons to check out but I do not recommend you to use them yet.  I know I was curious and thought it would be good to have available for others if they are curious. 

2. Items that I wished I had prior to starting (sorry parents,  this is for me and my fellow teens to know)

3. Tips from me,  the 12 year old creating this

4. A book I highly recommend for information and insight

5. Extra items!  Picked from Cecilia and something fun!  It will be an awesome surprise!

6.  A month theme so that your daughter can get a feeling of what would come in the monthly box as well.  If there is a specific theme you would like to see and it still is available let us know and we can send that out. 


All in a box waiting to be there for your daughter to feel like she’s not alone in this. 

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