Pre-Period Box

Pre-Period Box

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A box filled with everything your pre-teen/teen needs prior to starting their period.  Trust me,  it is what they are hoping for.


1.  Different Pads to Sample,  tampons to check out but I do not recommend you to use them.  I know I was curious and thought it would be good to have available for others if they are curios. 

2. Items that I wished I had prior to starting (sorry parents,  this is for me and my fellow teens to know)

3. Tips from me,  the 12 year old creating this

4. A book I highly recommend for information and insight

5. Extra items!   These items can tag along with the theme of the month ordered or be items that Cecilia has created herself.  It will be an awesome surprise!

6.  Items from that months theme so that your daughter can get a feeling of what would come in the monthly box as well

All in a box waiting to be there for your daughter to feel like she’s not alone in this.


The box is shipped 48 hours after ordering 


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