Red, White and Be You

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 "Red, White and Be You"! This box is full of for having fun and being you!

All items picked out by Cecilia and teen approved!

If you pre-order the box it will ship out on June 28 if after July 1st it will ship out 48 after order.  If you sign up on the subscription plan it will always ship on the date of the first order. 

Each box always includes:

  • Option of 1 box of teen pads, 1 box of tampons or 1 box of each
  • 2 samples of alternative pads to try
  • 2 butt wipes to keep in your bag
  • 2 tea bags for menstrual cramps
  • 2 Midol to go packages
  • 1 sticker (because who doesn't love stickers?)
  • A note and tips from Ceci

This month it also includes

  • A necklace handmade by Cecilia
  • 7 hexagon mirrors (1 large and 6 small) that have adhesive backing so you can put anywhere you want to remind you to be you!
  • A flag bandana
  • red, white and blue glasses
  • 3 tattoos 
  • 3 mini tic tac containers
  • 1 shower steamer
  • 1 surprise gift!   


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